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In this article we will discuss Bicalutamide (Dosage Overview)

In this article, we will discuss Bicalutamide (Dosage Overview). So, let’s get started.

Bicalutamide 50 mg daily is indicated for use in combination therapy with a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) analog for the treatment of Stage D2 metastatic carcinoma of the prostate. Bicalutamide 150 mg daily is not approved for use alone or with other treatments.


Recommended Dose and Schedule

The recommended dose for Bicalutamide therapy in combination with an LHRH analog is one 50 mg tablet once daily (morning or evening), with or without food. It is recommended that Bicalutamide be taken at the same time each day.

Treatment with Bicalutamide should be started at the same time as treatment with an LHRH analog. If a dose of Bicalutamide is missed, take the next dose at the scheduled time. Do not take the missed dose and do not double the next dose.

Dosage Adjustment in Renal Impairment

No dosage adjustment is necessary for patients with renal impairment.

Dosage Adjustment in Hepatic Impairment

No dosage adjustment is necessary for patients with mild to moderate hepatic impairment. In patients with severe liver impairment (n=4), although there was a 76% increase in the half-life (5.9 and 10.4 days for normal and impaired patients, respectively) of the active enantiomer of bicalutamide, no dosage adjustment is necessary.

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