Positional Maneuvers for Vertigo

In this article, we will discuss Positional Maneuvers for Vertigo. So, let’s get started.

Positional maneuvers for vertigo

1. Epleys maneuver (Canalith) – In sitting, turn the head towards affected side → lying down roll over to left side lying – sitting

2. Semont maneuver (Cupalolith) → In sitting, head 45° towards the opposite side → side-lying to the same side (1 min) → sitting other side side-lying with same head position sitting / collar

3. Canalith repositioning therapy (CRT) → Head 45′ towards the involved side → Hallpike-Dix position (affected ear down) → Head 90° toward the opposite side + 30° neck extension → side-lying → sitting

4. 360 degree Rotation

5. Forced prolonged position on the unaffected side

6. Brant-Daroff exercise (Cupalolith) In sitting turn head toward one side side-lying to opposite side → Hold for 30 sec → sitting procedure for the other side (10-20 times/three set per day)

7. Vestibular re-training exercises (exposure to vertigo or Habituation training postures)

8. Gaze stability exercise
• Move the head and target stable
• Move the head and target in opposite direction

9. Postural stability and Balance exercises

10. Use two pillows for sleeping
• Avoid sleeping on bad side

11. CRT for horizontal SCC – 90° toward involved side in lying → wait for stopped nystagmus → rotate 90° to opposite side → wait (15-30 secs) → prone lying

12. Cervical vertigo/ VBI testing should be ruled out before maneuvers

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