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Positional Maneuvers for Vertigo

In this article we will discuss Positional Maneuvers for Vertigo

In this article, we will discuss Positional Maneuvers for Vertigo. So, let’s get started.

Positional maneuvers for vertigo

1. Epleys maneuver (Canalith) – In sitting, turn the head towards affected side → lying down roll over to left side lying – sitting

2. Semont maneuver (Cupalolith) → In sitting, head 45° towards the opposite side → side-lying to the same side (1 min) → sitting other side side-lying with same head position sitting / collar

3. Canalith repositioning therapy (CRT) → Head 45′ towards the involved side → Hallpike-Dix position (affected ear down) → Head 90° toward the opposite side + 30° neck extension → side-lying → sitting

4. 360 degree Rotation

5. Forced prolonged position on the unaffected side

6. Brant-Daroff exercise (Cupalolith) In sitting turn head toward one side side-lying to opposite side → Hold for 30 sec → sitting procedure for the other side (10-20 times/three set per day)

7. Vestibular re-training exercises (exposure to vertigo or Habituation training postures)

8. Gaze stability exercise
• Move the head and target stable
• Move the head and target in opposite direction

9. Postural stability and Balance exercises

10. Use two pillows for sleeping
• Avoid sleeping on bad side

11. CRT for horizontal SCC – 90° toward involved side in lying → wait for stopped nystagmus → rotate 90° to opposite side → wait (15-30 secs) → prone lying

12. Cervical vertigo/ VBI testing should be ruled out before maneuvers

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