Short Note on Personality Disorder and Paranoid Disorder

In this article, we will discuss Short Note on Personality Disorder and Paranoid Disorder. So, let’s get started.

Personality Disorder

They are long standing maladaptive behaviour patterns. People with this disorder cope with life’s problem and relate to others in ways that may be considered troublesome, unusual strange and tiresome too others) e.g., all deviant behaviours.
• Paranoid personality disorder
• Schizotypal personality disorder
• Compulsive personality disorder
• Histrionic personality disorder –  it is immature self centered seductive attention getting behaviour. They are manipulative. More often seen in women.
• Antisocial personality disorder (psychopathic) – It is characterized by deflects of impulse control and conscience.

Paranoid Disorder

These are characterized by delusion of Grandiose or persecution. People with these disorders of few have a long history, finding fault with others. Except this they seem quite reasonable and same.
• Delusional jealousy can force
• Delusion of grandeur
• They look for “hidden motive or secret meanings” in the behavior of other people
• Well organized delusional system
• Distrust people, social withdrawal & isolation, false belief
• Ordinary frustrations of life taken personally
• Paranoid thinking, e.g., normal intelligence

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