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10 MCQs on Orthopedics (Part-VIII)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Orthopedics (Part-VIII).

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Orthopedics (Part-VIII). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

Q1. Macewen’s osteotomy is performed in case of:

A. Coxa vara

B. Tibia vara

C. Genu valgum

D. Tom smith disease

Q2. CTEV should be treated at the age of:

A. 10-12 years

B. From the date of birth

C. 2-3 years

D. After epiphyseal fusion

Q3. Syme’s amputation is contraindicated in:

A. Malignancy of big toe

B. Diabetic foot

C. Madhura mycosis foot

D. Crush injury

Q4. Earliest sign of Volkmann’s ischemic contracture is:

A. Pain during passive extension

B. Pulselessness

C. Necrosis of muscle

D. Loss of adduction

Q5. Treatment of chronic cases of club foot is:

A. Triple arthrodesis

B. Dorsomedial release

C. Amputation

D. None

Q6. Treatment for CTEV should start at the age of:

A. 2 weeks

B. 1 month

C. Soon after birth

D. 9 months

Q7. The “Card Test” tests the function of:

A. Median nerve

B. Ulnar nerve

C. Axillary nerve

D. Radial nerve

Q8. Triple deformity of knee is seen in:

A. Polio

B. Tuberculosis

C. Villonodular synovitis

D. Rheumatoid arthritis

Q9. Causes of painful limb are all except:

A. Perthe’s disease

B. Congenital coxa vara

C. Slipped femoral epiphysis

D. TB hip

Q10. The complication not common in colle’s fracture is:

A. Malunion

B. Nonunion

C. Sudeck’s atrophy

D. Stiffness of wrist

Answers: 1 (C), 2 (B), 3 (B), 4 (A), 5 (A), 6 (C), 7 (B), 8 (A), 9 (B), 10 (B).

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