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BESPONSA and Infusion Related Reactions

In this article we will discuss BESPONSA and Infusion Related Reactions

In this article, we will discuss BESPONSA and Infusion Related Reactions. So, let’s get started.

Infusion Related Reactions

In the INO-VATE ALL trial, infusion related reactions were observed in patients who received BESPONSA. Infusion related reactions (all Grade 2) were reported in 4/164 patients (2%). Infusion related reactions generally occurred in Cycle 1 shortly after the end of the BESPONSA infusion and resolved spontaneously or with medical management. Premedicate with a corticosteroid, antipyretic, and antihistamine prior to dosing. Monitor patients closely during and for at least 1 hour after the end of infusion for the potential onset of infusion related reactions, including symptoms such as fever, chills, rash, or breathing problems. Interrupt
infusion and institute appropriate medical management if an infusion related reaction occurs. Depending on the severity of the infusion related reaction, consider discontinuation of the infusion or administration of steroids and antihistamines. For severe or life-threatening infusion reactions, permanently discontinue BESPONSA.

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