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Trametinib and RPED

In this article we will discuss Trametinib and RPED

In this article, we will discuss Trametinib and RPED. So, let’s get started.

Trametinib and RPED

RPED can occur with Trametinib. Retinal detachments may be bilateral and multifocal, occurring in the central macular region of the retina or elsewhere in the retina. In melanoma and NSCLC trials, routine monitoring of patients to detect asymptomatic RPED was not conducted; therefore, the true incidence of this finding is unknown.

Perform ophthalmological evaluation periodically and at any time a patient reports visual disturbances. Withhold Trametinib if RPED is diagnosed. If resolution of the RPED is documented on repeat ophthalmological evaluation within 3 weeks, resume Trametinib at same or reduced dose. If no improvement
after 3 weeks, resume at reduced dose or permanently discontinue Trametinib.

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