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Sulindac (Distribution)

In this article we will discuss Sulindac (Distribution)

In this article, we will discuss Sulindac (Distribution). So, let’s get started.


Sulindac, and its sulfone and sulfide metabolites, are 93.1, 95.4, and 97.9% bound to plasma proteins, predominantly to albumin. Plasma protein binding measured over a concentration range (0.5-2.0 μg/mL)
was constant. Following an oral, radiolabeled dose of sulindac in rats, concentrations of radiolabel in red
blood cells were about 10% of those in plasma. Sulindac penetrates the blood-brain and placental barriers. Concentrations in brain did not exceed 4% of those in plasma. Plasma concentrations in the placenta and in the fetus were less than 25% and 5% respectively, of systemic plasma concentrations. Sulindac is excreted in rat milk; concentrations in milk were 10 to 20% of those levels in plasma. It is not
known if sulindac is excreted in human milk.

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