Relugolix and Lactation

In this article, we will discuss Relugolix and Lactation. So, let’s get started.

Relugolix and Lactation

Risk Summary
The safety and efficacy of Relugolix at the recommended dose of 120 mg daily have not been established in females. There are no data on the presence of relugolix in human milk, the effects on the motherfed child, or the effects on milk production. Relugolix and/or its metabolites were present in milk of lactating rats.


Animal Data
In lactating rats administered a single oral dose of 30 mg/kg radiolabeled relugolix on post-partum day 14, relugolix and/or its metabolites were present in milk at concentrations up to 10-fold higher than in plasma at 2 hours post-dose.

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