Palifermin and Proteinuria

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Palifermin and Proteinuria

In a placebo-controlled study conducted in 145 patients with metastatic
colorectal cancer receiving multi-cycle chemotherapy (5-FU/lecovorin), serial urine specimens were collected for 27 placebo-treated and 54 palifermin-treated patients.

Among the 54 palifermin-treated patients, nine patients with a baseline urinalysis
negative for protein subsequently developed 2+ or greater proteinuria after treatment with palifermin. Among the 27 placebo-treated patients evaluated, none developed 2+ or greater proteinuria. Because of the study design, the number of cycles with urine analysis data collected was higher in the palifermin- treated patients. In addition, for the 9 patients with proteinuria, underlying medical conditions known to be associated with proteinuria were present at baseline. A causal relationship between palifermin and proteinuria has not been established.

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