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Brief Note on Prostatectomy

In this article we will discuss Brief Note on Prostatectomy

In this article, we will discuss Brief Note on Prostatectomy. So, let’s get started.


It is the surgical removal of prostate gland.

Radical Prostatectomy Approaches
• Supra pubic approach
• Trans urethral approach
• Retro pubic approach
• Perineal approach

a) Incision used – Pfannenstial incision
b) Foley’s indwelling supra pubic catheter acts as drain-10 days
c) A retro pubic drain also used for 2 days
d) An inverted u shaped incision used for perineal approach

• Excessive haemorrhage
• Impotence
• Incontinence
• Bladder neck contracture
• Infection
• Tear into the rectum
• Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism
• Osteitis pubis

Alternative Therapies
• Cryosurgery of the prostate
• External radiation/Interstitial radiation
• Hormonal Therapy
• Orchiectomy
– Administration of female hormone
– Diethylstilbestrol
– LHRH analogs
– Androgen blockade

• A catheter is left in the urinary bladder to drain urine and may remain for as long as 3 weeks.
• 3-7 days are spent in the hospital.
• Blood thinners or calf compression devices/ stockings are used to prevent clot forming until the patient is walking.
• Naso gastric tube for few days.
• Physiotherapy should be given as per protocol.

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