Brief Note on Nephrectomy

In this article, we will discuss Brief Note on Nephrectomy. So, let’s get started.


It is the removal of the kidney through surgery

• Lumbar approach (common) – oblique from 12th rib angle to ASIS
• Through the 12th rib
• Nagtamatsu incision (hockey stick manner)-12th rib removed extends upto 10th rib
• Trans peritoneal approach

• Renal tumours
• Tuberculosis (TB)
• Hydro nephrosis
• Calculi
• Hypertension (HTN)
• Haemorrhage
• Pyogenic infection

• Complications of any surgery such as heart attack, heart failure, stroke, pneumonia, blood clots in the legs and pulmonary embolism (blood clot to the lungs).
• Injury to the stomach, small bowel or large bowel.
• Tears of the liver
• Injury to the spleen.
• Injury to the pancreas with pancreatitis.
• Bowel obstruction may occur.
• lleus (temporary loss of bowel function).
• Haemorrhage, which may be severe,
• Pneumothorax (puncture of the lung).
• Infection.
• Temporary loss of renal function of the other kidney.
• Incisional hernia

The patient may undergo the following therapies along with surgery to treat the condition holistically.

Therapies may include:
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation therapy
• Immunotherapy

• Regular and routine physiotherapy preoperative and postoperative regime.
• Complication based physiotherapy treatment protocol.
• Individualized physiotherapy treatment plan.
• Bed rest complication management.
• Exercise program for improving deconditioning effects.
• Principles cancer rehabilitation used.

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