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10 MCQs on Psychiatry (Part-XI)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Psychiatry (Part-XI)

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Psychiatry (Part-XI). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. Not a SSRI is:
A. Sertraline
B. Paroxetine
C Fluvoxamine
D. Zolpidem
Ans: (D) Zolpidem

2. ApoE Genotyping is done for:
A. Parkinson’s disease
B. Huntington’s disease
C. Progressive supranuclear palsy
D. Alzheimer’s dementia
Ans: (D) Alzheimer’s dementia

3. “Amygadla” is affected in:
A. Parkinson’s disease
B. Huntington’s disease
C. Kluver-Blucky syndrome
D. Alzheimer’s dementia
Ans: (C) Kluver-Blucky syndrome

4. A case sheet from PGI in 2014 reveals: Two months after knowing that his son is suffering from leukemia, a 66-year-old father presents with sleep deprivation,
letharagy headache, and low mood. He interacts reasonably well with others, but has absented himself from work. The most probable diagnosis is:
A. Somatisation disorder
B. Depression
C. Adjustment disorder
D. Psychogenic headache
Ans: (C) Adjustment disorder

5. Lithium is not used in treatment of which of the following?
A. Major depression
B. Vascular headache
C. Manic depression
D. Generalized anxiety disorder
Ans (D) Generalized anxiety disorder

6. Late modafinil is approved by FDA for treatment of all except:
A. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)
B. Shift work syndrome (SWS)
C. Narcolepsy
D. Lethargy in depression
Ans (D) Lethargy in depression

7. A 16-year-old boy does not attend school because of the fear of being harmed by school mates. He thinks
that his classmates laugh at and talk about him. He is even scared of going out to the market. He is most likely suffering from:
A. Anxiety neurosis
B. Manic depressive psychosis
C Adjustment reaction
D. Schizophrenia
Ans: (D) Schizophrenia

8. A 41-year-old woman working as an executive director is convinced that the management has denied her promotion by preparing false reports about her competence and have forged her signature on sensitive documents so as to convict her. She files a complaint in the police station and requests for security. Despite all this she attends to her work and manages the household. She is suffering from:
A. Paranoid schizophrenia
B. Late onset psychosis
C. Persistent delusional disorder
D. Obsessive compulsive disorder
Ans: (C) Persistent delusional disorder

9. A 35-year-old male came to the psychiatric OPD in Banglore complaining of continuous, dull, non-progressive headache for the last 8 years. The patient has seen numerous neurologists in the belief that he has a brain tumor even though all his investigations have been normal. The patient insisted that he had a brain tumor and requested yet another workup. Psychiatric evaluation reveals disease conviction in the background of normal investigations. The most probable diagnosis is:
A. Hypochondriasis
B. Somatization disorer
C. Somatoform pain disorder
D. Conversion disorder
Ans: (A) Hypochondriasis

10. A young patient from New Delhi presented with short lasting episodic behavioural changes which include agitation and dream like state with thrashing movements of his limbs. He does not recall these episodes and has no apparant precipitating factor. The most likely diagnosis is:
A. Schizophrenia
B. Temporal lobe epilepsy
C. Panic episodes
D. Dissociative disorder
Ans: (B) Temporal lobe epilepsy

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