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10 MCQs on Psychiatry (Part-V)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Psychiatry (Part-V)

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Psychiatry (Part-V). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. According to disabilities ACT 1995. Seventh disability is usually referred to as?
A. Neurological abnormality
B. Mental illness
C. Substance abuse
D. Disability due to road traffic accident
Ans: (B) Mental illness

2. Cognitive model of depression is given by?
A. Ellis
B. Beck
C. Godfrey
D. Meicheinbanon
Ans: (B) Beck

3. A 25-year-old female patient history of 6 months, altered sensorium, involuntary movements, memory deficit, headache convulsions, abnormal movements, forget fulness, 3-4 attacks during day, 2-4 attack at night, CT normal reported to a pshychiatric clinic. The most likely diagnosis according to latest criteria is:
A. Epilepsy
B. Dissociative disorder
C. Hypochondriasis
D. Somatization disorder
Ans: (A) Epilepsy

4. In Banglore a girl with normal milestones spends her time seeing her own hand, do not interact with others. What is the most likely diagnosis?
B. Autism
C. Asperger’s syndrome
D. Rett’s disorder
Ans: (B) Autism

5. Perceptual misinterpretation of a real object is:
A. Illusion
B. Delusion
C. Hallucination
D. Schizophrenia
Ans: (A) Illusion

6. Type ‘A’ personality is characterized by all except:
A. Competitiveness
B. Hostility
C. Mood fluctuations
D. Time pressure
Ans: (C) Mood fluctuations

7. In schizophrenia false is:
A. 3rd person auditory hallucination
B. Inappropriate emotions
C. Sustained mood changes
D. Formal thought disorder
Ans: (C) Sustained mood changes

8. According to latest cocepts in pshyciatry, learning involves all except:
A. Response prevention
B. Modeling
C. Exposure
D. Catharsis
Ans: (D) Catharsis

9. Among the below mentioned the “drug of choice” for obsessive compulsive disorder:
A. Chlorpromazine
B. Fluoxetine
C. Amitriptyline
D. Impiramine
Ans: (B) Fluoxetine

10. Most common substance abuse in India is:
A. Alcohol
C. Heroin
B. Cannabis
D. Tobacco
Ans: (D) Tobacco

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