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10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-XII)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-XII)

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-XII). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. Drugs causing hirsutism are all except:
A. Minoxidil
B. Phenytoin
C. Cyclosporine
D. Refocoxib
Ans: (D) Refocoxib

2. The new drug “Candesartan” is a
A. Angiotensin I receptor blockers
B. Angiotensin II receptor blockers
C. Angiotensin III receptor blockers
D. Angiotensin IV receptor blockers
Ans: (B) Angiotensin II receptor blockers

3. Bortezomib is used for treatment of multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma. It belongs to a class of drug as:
A. Proteasome inhibitor
B. Lysosome inhibitor
C. Proteasome activator
D. Lysosomal activator
Ans: (A) Proteasome inhibitor

4. A drug that can cause thrombocytopenia is :
A. Paracetamol
B. Lithium
C. Propranolol
D. Heparin
Ans: (D) Heparin

5. “Lately discovered molecule melagatran” is a drug used as:
A. Angiotensin II receptor inhibitor
B. Anti-progestin
C. Anti-diabetic
D. Direct thrombin inhibitor
Ans: (D) Direct thrombin inhibitor

6. Causes of drug induced thrombocytopenia are:
A. Isoniazid
C. Penicillins
B. Linezolid
D. All of above
Ans: (D) All of above

7. Thrombocytopenia due to drug related causes is due to:
A. Rifampin
B. Ritonavir
C. Vancomycin
D. All of above
Ans: (D) All of above

8. Drugs implicated in causing folic acid deficiency are all except:
A. Phenytoin
B. Sulfasalazine
C. Amoxicillin clavunate
D. Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
Ans: (C) Amoxicillin clavunate

9. Drug implicated in aplastic anemia are all except:
A. Sulfonamides
B. Phenytoin
C. Tolbutamide
D. Levothroxine
Ans: (D) Levothyroxine

10. Drug implicated in not causing G6PD is:
A. Dapsone
B. Quinidine
C. Quinine
D. Trimethoprim
Ans: (D) Trimethoprim

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