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10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-VI)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-VI)

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-VI). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. The use of cloramphenicol is associated with development of:
A. Crigler-Najjar syndrome
B. Gray baby syndrome
C. Gilbert syndrome
D. Reye syndrome
Ans: (B) Gray baby syndrome

2. After being traumatized a patient presents with severe pain at the site of trauma. Within a few days the skin turns red and becomes tense and exquisitely tender with Bullae formation followed by shock and multiorgan failure. This is followed by hemoglobinuria and myoglobinuria, Drug most likely effective
would be:
A. Pencillin/clindamycin
B. Norfloxacin
C. Trimethoprim
D. Vancomycin
Ans: (A) Pencillin/clindamycin

3. The drug of choice in treating Trichomonas vaginalis infections is:
A. Ivermectin
B. Fluconazole
C. Ceftriaxone sulbactam
D. Metronadizole
Ans: (D) Metronadizole

4. DOTS is used in treatment of infection by:
A. Mycobacterium leprae
B. Mycoplasma
C. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
D. Spirochaetes
Ans: (C) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

5. p onnoHuman interferons are used in:
A. Hepatitis B
B. Hepatitis C
C. Hepatitis D
D. All of above
Ans: (D) All of above

6. “Human recombinant DNase” is used for:
A. Emphysema
B. Cystic fibrosis
C. Bronchogenic fistula
D. Bronchitis
Ans: (B) Cystic fibrosis

7. Adverse effects of interferons are all except:
A. Influenza-like illness with fever
B. Vomiting
C. Bone marrow suppression
D. None
Ans: (D) None

8. Enfuvirtide is:
A. Fusion inhibitor
B. Telomerase inhibitor
C. Hyperglycemia
D. Integrase inhibitor
Ans: (B) Hyperkalemia

9. Side effect not seen with theophylline is:
A. Cardiovascular collapse
B. Hyperkalemia
C. Hyperglycemia
D. Metabolic acidosis
Ans: (B) Hyperkalemia

10. Zanamavir is used for:
A. Adenovirus
B. Influenza virus
C. Parainfluenza virus
D. Rhinovirus
Ans: (B) Influenza virus

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