NEET 2021 NEET PG Pharmacology Physiotherapy Question Bank

10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-V)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-V)

In this article, we will solve the 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-V). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. The use of aspirin is associated with development of
A. Crigler-Najjar syndrome
B. Gray baby syndrome
C. Gilbert syndrome
D. Reye syndrome
Ans: (D) Reye syndrome

2. Diagnosis of brucellosis is by:
A. Lymphocytosis
B. Positive blood culture
C. Positive serologic test
D. All of above
Ans: (D) All of above

3. Not true about human interferons is:
A. Are prepared by DNA recombinant technology
B. Have antiviral properties
C. Immunoregulatory properties
D. Tumorogenic potential
Ans: (D) Tumorogenic potential

4. Prizaquentel is effective in:
A. Loiasis
B. Streptocerciasis
C. Schistosomiasis
D. Onchocerciasis
Ans: (C) Schistosomiasis

5. Drug not used in SARS is:
A. Ribavirin
B. Lopinavir
C. Ritonavir
D. None
Ans: (D) None

6. Which drug is lately used in asthma as PDE4 inhibitor:
A. Cilomilast
B. Etarnacept
C. Infliximab
D. Omalizumab
Ans: (A) Cilomilast

7. The drug of choice in treating Pneumocystis carit infections is:
A. Ivermectin
B. Trimethoprim sulfamethaxazole
C. Ceftriaxone sulbactam
D. Amoxicillin sulbactam
Ans: (B) Trimethoprim sulfamethaxazole

8. The newer direct thrombin inhibitor is:
A. Abciximab
B. Tirofiban
C. Eptifibatide
D. Dabigatran
Ans: (D) Dabigatran

9. Management of pulmonary hypertension is by all except:
A. Diuretics if right heart failure exists
B. Anticoagulation
C. Anti-prostaglandins
D. Bosentan: endothelin-1 receptor antagonist
Ans: (C) Anti-prostaglandins

10. The TCA over dosage can result in:
A. Prolongation of the QRS complex
B. Ventricular tachycardia
C. Ventricular bigeminy
D. All of the above
Ans: (D) All of the above

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