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10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-II)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-II)

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-II). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. Glucaripidase is a new drug. It is specifically used for:
A. Lowering methotrexate toxicity
B. Lowering uric acid levels in tumor lysis
C. Decreasing calcium levels in small cell cancer lung
D. Treating hyperkalemia
Ans: (A) Lowering methotrexate toxicity

2. A 41-year-old male patient presented with recurrent episodes of bloody diarrhea for 5 years. Despite regular treatment with adequate doses of sulfasalazine, he has had several exacerbations of his disease and required several weeks of steroids for the control for flares. What should be the next line of treatment for him?
A. Methotrexate
B. Azathioprine
C. Cyclosporine
D. Cyclophosphamide
Ans: (B) Azathioprine

3. “Tiludronate” is used in specifically treating:
A. Addison’s disease
B. Wermer’s disease
C. Conn’s disease
D. Paget’s disease
Ans: (D) Paget’s disease

4. Metronadizole is effective in:
A. Clonorchiasis
B. Onchocerciasis
C. Amebiasis
D. Schistosomiasis
Ans: (C) Amebiasis

5. Telbuvidine is lately used for:
A. Hepatitis B
B. Hepatitis A
C. Hepatitis C
D. Hepatitis E
Ans: (A) Hepatitis B

6. The drug of choice in schistosomiasis is:
A. Ivermectin
B. Metronadizole
C. Prizaquintel
D. Clindamycin
Ans: (C) Prizaquintel

7. Ivermectin is highly effective in:
A. Clonorchiasis
B. Onchocerciasis
C. Amebiasis
D. Schistosomiasis
Ans: (B) Onchocerciasis

8. A 15-year-old boy presents to you with history of fever, altered sensorium and purpuric rash for two days. On examination, the patient is found stuporous. He has a BP of 90/60 mm Hg and extensive palpable purpura over the legs. Which of he following would be the most appropriate initial choice of antibiotic:
A. Vancomycin
B. Pencillin G
C. Ciprofloxacin
D. Gentamicin
Ans: (B) Pencillin G

9. The treatment of choice for visceral leishmaniasis is:
A. Liposomal amphotericin A
B. Liposomal amphotericin B
C. Liposomal amphotericin C
D. Liposomal amphotericin D
Ans: (B) Liposomal amphotericin B

10. The TCA over dosage can result in:
A. Slow ventricular rhythms
B. Torsades de pointes
C. Ventricular fibrillation
D. All of the above
Ans: (D) All of the above

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