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Ramucirumab (27)

In this article we will discuss Ramucirumab (27)

In this article, we will discuss Ramucirumab (27). So, let’s get started.

Use in Specific Population (2)

Animal Data
No animal studies have been specifically conducted to evaluate the effect of ramucirumab on reproduction and
fetal development. In mice, loss of the VEGFR2 gene resulted in embryofetal death and these fetuses lacked organized
blood vessels and blood islands in the yolk sac. In other models, VEGFR2 signaling was associated with development
and maintenance of endometrial and placental vascular function, successful blastocyst implantation, maternal and feto-
placental vascular differentiation, and development during early pregnancy in rodents and non-human primates.
Disruption of VEGF signaling has also been associated with developmental anomalies including poor development of the
cranial region, forelimbs, forebrain, heart, and blood vessels.

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