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Ramucirumab (21)

In this article, we will discuss Ramucirumab (21). So, let’s get started.

Clinical Trials Experience (2)

Ramucirumab Administered as a Single Agent

Among 236 patients who received Ramucirumab (safety population) in Study 1, median age was 60 years, 28% were women, 76% were W Hite, and 16% were Asian. Patients in Study 1 received a median of 4 doses of Ramucirumab; the median duration of exposure was 8 weeks, and 32 (14% of 236) patients received Ramucirumab for at least six months.

In Study 1, the most common adverse reactions (all grades) observed in Ramucirumab-treated patients at a rate of
≥10% and ≥2% higher than placebo were hypertension and diarrhea. The most common serious adverse events with
Ramucirumab were anemia (3.8%) and intestinal obstruction (2.1%). Red blood cell transfusions were given to 11% of
Ramucirumab-treated patients versus 8.7% of patients who received placebo.

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