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Ivermectin (Clinical Studies-2)

In this article we will discuss Ivermectin (Clinical Studies-2)

In this article, we will discuss Ivermectin (Clinical Studies-2). So, let’s get started.

In one study conducted in France, a non-endemic area where there was no possibility of reinfection, several
patients were observed to have recrudescence of Strongyloides larvae in their stool as long as 106 days
following ivermectin therapy. Therefore, at least three stool examinations should be conducted over the three months following treatment to ensure eradication. If recrudescence of larvae is observed, retreatment with ivermectin is indicated. Concentration techniques (such as using a Baermann apparatus) should be employed
when performing these stool examinations, as the number of Strongyloides larvae per gram of feces may be very low.

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