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Palonosetron and Overdosage

In this article we will discuss Palonosetron and Overdosage

In this article, we will discuss Palonosetron and Overdosage. So, let’s get started.

Palonosetron and Overdosage

There is no known antidote to palonosetron HCl. Overdose should be managed with
supportive care. Dialysis studies have not been performed, however, due to the large volume of distribution, dialysis is unlikely to be an effective treatment for palonosetron HCl overdose. A single intravenous dose of palonosetron HCl at 30 mg/kg (947 and 474 times the human dose for rats and mice, respectively, based on body surface area) was lethal to rats and mice. The major signs of toxicity were convulsions, gasping, pallor, cyanosis and collapse.

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