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In this article we will discuss Mitotane (Dosage Overview)

In this article, we will discuss Mitotane (Dosage Overview). So, let’s get started.


Mitotane is indicated in the treatment of inoperable adrenal cortical carcinoma of both functional and nonfunctional types.


The recommended treatment schedule is to start the patient at 2 to 6 g of Mitotane per day in divided doses, either three or four times a day. Doses are usually increased incrementally to 9 to 10 g per day. If severe side effects appear, the dose should be reduced until the maximum tolerated dose is achieved. If the patient can tolerate higher doses and improved clinical response appears possible, the dose should be increased until adverse reactions interfere. Experience has shown that the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) will vary from 2 to 16 g per day, but has usually been 9 to 10 g per day. The highest doses used in the studies to date were 18 to 19 g per day. Treatment should be instituted in the hospital until a stable dosage regimen is achieved. Treatment should be continued as long as clinical benefits are observed. Maintenance of clinical status or slowing of growth of metastatic lesions can be considered clinical benefits if they can clearly be shown to have occurred. If no clinical benefits are observed after 3 months at the maximum tolerated dose, the case would generally be considered a clinical failure. However, 10% of the patients who showed a measurable response required more than 3 months at the MTD. Early diagnosis and prompt institution of treatment improve the probability of a positive clinical response. Clinical effectiveness can be shown by
reduction in tumor mass; reduction in pain, weakness or anorexia; and reduction of symptoms and signs due to excessive steroid production. A number of patients have been treated intermittently with treatment being restarted when severe symptoms have reappeared. Patients often do not respond after the third or fourth such course.
Experience accumulated to date suggests that continuous treatment with the maximum possible dosage of Mitotane is the best approach. Procedures for proper handling and disposal of anticancer drugs should be considered. To minimize the risk of dermal exposure, always wear impervious gloves when handling bottles containing Mitotane Tablets. Mitotane Tablets should not be crushed. Personnel should avoid exposure to crushed and/or broken tablets. If contact with broken tablets occurs, wash immediately
and thoroughly.

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