Sciatica Exercises

In this article, we will discuss Sciatica Exercises (Part-1). So, let’s get started.


Lying Glute Stretch

Begin lying on your back, cross one
leg over the opposite knee and slowly bring the foot that is still on the floor up and towards your chest. When it is close enough, grab your knee from under the leg that is crossed on both sides with both hands. Slowly come out of the stretch and repeat.

Hold for 3-5 sec, repeat 5-8 times; both sides; perform at least once per day.

Hip Flexor Exercise

Begin standing, placing one foot comfortably in front of you, shoulder width apart, holding on to a chair or rail for support. Slowly bend both legs lowering the back knee to the ground.
All the work will be done on the front leg so be sure to perform this exercise on both sides. Slowly come out of the stance and repeat. Hold for just a moment in the up and down positions.

Repeat 10-15 times on both sides;
Perform at least once per day.

Piriformis Super Stretch

Begin in the hand and knees position, if you have sciatica on the right, rotate both legs to the left and extend your left leg straight back, if you have sciatica on your left, rotate both to the right and extend your right leg straight back. Slowly lower your trunk down as far as you comfortably can.

Hold 3-5 sec; repeat 5-8 times; Perform at least once per day.

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