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Antiviral Drugs (Part-II)

In this article we will discuss Antiviral Drugs (Part-II)

In this article, we will discuss Antiviral Drugs (Part-II). So, let’s get started.

Antiviral Drugs

Ganciclovir Acquired CMV retinitis, pneumonitis and GI infections in an immunocompromised hosts 10 mg/kg q 12 h IV for 14-21 days (Induction), then 5 mg/kg/d single daily dose for maintenance. Prophylaxis of CMV in high-risk host (e.g. transplant patients): 10 mg/kg q 12 hr IV for 7 days then 5 mg/kg/ PO for 100 days Severe CMV pneumonitis: 30 mg/kg/day q 8 hr IV for 14 days. Oral drug has poor bioavailability (only 5-6%).

Indication: Acquired CMV retinitis in immunocompromised patients (including AIDS), congenital CMV pneumonia, prevention of CMV disease in transplant recepients at risk of CMV disease.

Caution: Monitor blood counts, platelet count and serum creatinine level; administer at final concentration of 10 mg/ml over 12 hours as a slow infusion.

(Cymevene, ganguard cap 250 mg, 500 mg natcovir, neodovir tabs 250 mg, 500 mg; inj cytogan, gavir 500 mg per vials; galtevir eye gel 0.15%)

Idoxuridine Topical application in the eyes for herpetic keratitis.

(Ridinox, idwin, toxil, xurin ophthalmic drops 0.1%, toxil eye ointment 0.5%).

Isoprinosine 50-100 mg/kg/day q 12 hr oral.

Indication: Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.

(Isoprinosine tab 500 mg).

Oseltamivir Treatment of influenza A and B including H1N1: Infants <3 months: 12 mg q 12 hr, 3-5 months: 20 mg q 12 hr, 6-11 months: 25 mg q 12 hr for 5 days. According to body weight: <15 kg: 30 mg q 12 hr, 15-23 kg: 45 mg q 12 hr, 23-40 kg: 60 mg q 12 hrs, >40 kg 75 mg q 12 hr oral for 5 days; Prophylaxis: same dose as above but once daily for 7-10 days after the last known exposure .

Adult dose: 75 mg q 12 hr for 5 days.

Side Effects: Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, epistaxis, skin rash.

(Fluvir, tamiflu, natflu, antiflu caps 30 mg, 45 mg and 75 mg, suspension 12 mg/ml).

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