Physiotherapy Surgery Suturing

Brief Note on Methods of Suturing

In this article we will discuss Brief Note on Methods of Suturing

In this article, we will discuss Brief Note on Methods of Suturing. So, let’s get started.

Methods of Suturing

• Simple interrupted suture
• Vertical mattress suturing
• Horizontal mattress suturing
• Subcuticular suturing
• Continuous suturing

Types of Knots

1. Yarnknot
2. Manrope knot
3. Granny knot
4. Rosebud stopper knot
5. Matthew Walker’s knot
6. Shroud knot
7. Turks head knot
8. Overhand knot figure-of-eight knot
9. Reef knot square knot
10. Two half hitches

Types of Knots (1-10)

These sutures are normally removed after few days depending on the area of application (Table 1.0).

Table 1.0

Suture removal days for different areas of the body:
• Face and head – 5 days
• Legs and abdomen – 7-10 days
• Back and soles 10-14 days

Complications of Suture

1. Haematoma formation
2. Localized skin necrosis due to tension
3. Infection
4. Keloid formation
5. Dog’s ear
6. Poor cosmetic result
7. Rarely, tissue reaction with suture

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