Exercise Prescription for the Management of Obesity

In this article, we will discuss Exercise Prescription for the Management of Obesity. So, let’s get started.

Exercise Prescription

• 200–300 minutes per week to promote >2000 kcal/ per week energy deficit
• Moderate intensity exercises (55–69% MHR)
• 10-15 minutes bouts several times
• Lifestyle modifications (active)
• Endurance exercises preferable
• Follow FITT* principles
• Walking, swimming, rowing, cycling – Large muscle group exercises
• Home exercise programmes (videos)
• Aware of contraindications and warning signs of PT program
• Regular monitoring
• Post surgery: Surgical and anesthetic complications are increased in obese patients

*The FITT Principle of Prescribing Aerobic Exercise (Key Components)

• Frequency (F)- The number of days per week dedicated to exercise session
• Intensity (1) – How hard a person works to do then activity. It can be defined on either an absolute or a relative scale. Absolute intensity refers to the amount of energy expended per min of activity, while relative intensity takes a person’s level of exercise capacity or cardiorespiratory fitness into
account to assess the level of effort.
• Time (T) – The length of time in which an activity or exercise isperformed. Duration is generally expressed in minutes.
• Type (T) – The mode of exercise performed.

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