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Brief Note on Treatment of Psoriasis

In this article we will discuss Brief Note on Treatment of Psoriasis

In this article, we will discuss Brief Note on Treatment of Psoriasis. So, let’s get started.


• Photo therapy
– UVB (290–320 mm) is optimal
• Helio therapy
• Topical corticosteroids
– Clobetasol propionate 0.05% OR
– Beta methasone dipropionate 0.05%
• Coal tar
– Inhibits DNA synthesis

Goeckerman’s Regimen

Apply coal tar for 24 hrs → Remove it with mineral or vegetable oil → Exposure to UV rays to induce mild erythema →A bath with soap and water to wash of scales → Tar is reapplied after bath.
• Salicylic Acid – A keratolytic agent
• Anthralin (Dithranol) – Directly acts on stem cell production of the epidermis.

Ingram’s Regimen

Coal tar application and dry it → After drying, UVB radiation to suberythema dosage → Cover up the lesions with Dithranol (0.4% paste) → Powder is
applied and the lesion covered with Stockinette → Patient comes after 24 hrs for treatment. (A short regimen is also available for 30 minutes to 2 hrs.)

1. Systemic Therapies

a) Corticosteroids
b)PUVA (8-Methoxy Psoralen or 4,5,8-Trimethyl Psoralen is used)
c) Methotrexate (MTX)
– A folic acid antagonist
– A synthetic derivative of Vitamin A
– It inhibits inflammation, proliferation and terminal differentiation
e) Cyclosporine – A (latest drug)
– Inhibits T-helper cell production of interleukin-2
– Increases Suppressor T-cell population

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