Brief Note on Cholecystectomy

In this article, we will discuss Brief Note on Cholecystectomy. So, let’s get started.


It is the operation for removal of the gall bladder. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde olangio-pancreatography) are the various surgical options nowadays.


• Acute/chronic cholecystitis
• Cholelithiasis
• Volvulus cholesterosis
• Kocher’s incision
• Right Upper Para median incision
• ‘T’ TUBE/cigarette drains /under water seal drain/corrugated rubber sheet
• Duct-first/fundus first method
• Carcinoma of gall bladder


• Kocher’s incision
• Right upper para median incision
• T TUBE/cigarette drains/under water seal drain/corrugated rubber sheet
• Duct-first/fundus first method
• Mini cholecystectomy
• Cholecystostomy
• Extended with hepatic lobectomy
• Cholecysto-lithotomy


• Damage to bile duct/right hepatic artery/cystic artery
• Waltman-Walter’s syndrome
• Bile leakage, chest/abs pain
• Mimics pulmonary embolism/highly fatal


• Increased production of mucus secretions of lower lobe of right lung.
• Other expected common complication of abdominal surgery.


• Chest physiotherapy
• Encourage cough reflex
• Arm and leg exercises
• Early mobilization-prop up position achieved in the evening or next day
• Wound care
• Micturition /bowel management
• Pain relief-TENS could be used
• Diet

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