Physiotherapy Related Discomforts and its Management During Pregnancy

In this article, we will discuss Physiotherapy Related Discomforts and its Management During Pregnancy. So, let’s get started.

Physiotherapy Related Discomforts and its Management During Pregnancy

• Back and pelvic gindle pain – Back care principles
• Low back pain – TENS, back care, heat massage
• Sacroiliac joint dysfunction – tapping technique, traction
• Sciatica – Positioning, TENS, back care
• Symphysis pubis dysfunction – Rest, avoiding single limb standing, leg adduction, SPD belt, aids for walking
• Coccydynia – Cushion, mobilization, ice, US, TENS
• Thoracic spine pain – Ice packs, warmth, exercises, mobilization, rib lifting
• Postural backache – Antenatal classes, postural correction
• Pregnancy associated osteoporosis (pao) – Monitoring
• Carpel tunnel syndrome – Ice packs, elevation, exercises, US, splinting (limit flexion)
• Brachial plexus pain-Exercises, stretching, elevation
• Meralgia paresthetica – TENS
• Post tibial nerve compression – Rest, foot and ankle exercises, ice packs,
• Varicose veins in leg – Stockings, elevation, brisk walking, exercises and avoid standing
• Vulval varicose veins – Rest, elevation, PFM (pelvic floor muscle) exercises, avoid constipation
• Hemorrhoids – PFM exercises, ice pack, defecation techniques, diet, cushion
• Muscle cramps – Calf stretch, massage, prophylactic walk, exercises, warm bath
• Thrombosis and thromboembolism – Anti-embolic stockings, heparin, ankle toe pumping exercises
• Chondromalacia patellae – Ice packs, quadriceps drill, avoid squatting
• Restless leg syndrome – Bed rest and
reduce activity level
• Uterine ligament pain – Warmth, cold and massage
• Pain from abdominal adhesions – TENS, warmth, abdominal support
• Fibroids – Re-assurance, TENS
• Fatigue – Rest
• Insomnia and nightmares – Relaxation techniques, positions, warm drink
• Pruritus – Avoid soap, cold baths, calamine lotion
• Heart burn — Head raise, antacids, eat little
• Morning sickness – Acupressure, TENS
• Urinary frequency – PFM exercises
• Urge and stress incontinence – PFM exercises

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