MPT Entrance Examination NEET 2021 NEET PG Pharmacology Physiotherapy Question Bank for NEET PG SVNIRTAR MPT ENTRANCE EXAM

10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-VII)

In this article we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-VII)

In this article, we will solve 10 MCQs on Pharmacology (Part-VII). So, let’s get started.

Questions and Answers

1. Rimantadine is a drug used for:
A. Adenovirus
B. Influenza virus A
C. Parainfluenza virus
D. Rhinovirus
Ans: (B) Influenza virus A

2. The drug of choice for “hypertension” in pregnancy is:
A. Leva dopa
B. Methyl dopa
C. ACE inhibitors
D. Spironolactone
Ans: (B) Methyl dopa

3. Gynecomastia can occur with use of:
A. Enalapril
B. Leva dopa
C. Methyl dopa
D. Spironolactone
Ans: (A) Enalapril

4. “Rasburicase” is a drug used to:
A. Lower blood pressure levels
B. Lower potassium levels
C. Lower uric acid levels
D. Lower cholesterol levels
Ans: (C) Lower uric acid levels

5. Hypertrichosis occurs as a side-effect with a drug acting as anti-hypertensive is:
A Irbesartan
B. Guanabenz
C. Minoxidil
D. Spironolactone
Ans: (C) Minoxidil

6. Drugs that have been known to cause acute tubular necrosis are:
A. Vancomycin
B. Intravenous acyclovir
C. Cephalosporins
D. All
Ans: (D) ALL

7. Hemolysis in G6PD may be cased by all except:
A. Primaquine
B. Chloroquine
C. Pyrimethamine
D. Quinine
Ans: (C) Pyrimethamine

8. Rivastigimine is a drug specifically used for:
A. Refsum’s disease
B. Parkinson’s disease
C. Krabe’s disease
D. Alzheimer’s disease
Ans: (D) Alzheimer’s disease

9. Phenobarbitone causes:
A. Hereditary spherocytosis
B. Megaloblastic anemia
C. Sidderoblastic anemia
D. Sickle cell disease
Ans: (B) Megaloblastic anemia

10. Drug of choice in recurrent febrile seizure is:
B. Phenytoin
C. Steroids
D. Sodium valporate
Ans: (D) Sodium valporate

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