Types of Drains

In this article, we will discuss various Types of Drains. So, let’s get started.


Open drains

  • Include corrugated rubber or plastic sheets
  • Drain fluid collects in gauze pad or stoma bag
  • The risk of infection is high
  • Eg. Corrugated drain, Penrose drain, Yeates drain

Closed drains

  • Consist of tubes draining into a bag or bottle
  • They include chest and abdominal drains
  • The risk of infection is low

Closed passive drains, e.g. Pig-tail Catheters, Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drains, Urinary Catheters, Intercostal catheter

Closed suction drains, e.g. Bellovac drain, Blake drain, Exudrain, Hemovac drain, Jackson-Pratt drain.

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