Jackson-Pratt Drain

In this article, we will discuss the Jackson-Pratt Drain or Bulb Drain. So, let’s get started.

Jackson-Pratt drain

It is a surgical drainage device used to pull excess fluid from the body by constant suction. The device consists of a flexible rubber bulb-shaped something like a hand grenade that connects to an internal drainage tube. It is commonly used in mastectomy.

  • Material: Silicone (flat drains), Silicone/PVC (round drains)
  • Size and drain dimension: Flat drain- 4mm x 7mm x 20 cm, 4mm x 10 mm x 20 cm. Round drain- 7, 10, 15, 19 Fr diameter (unit- French).
  • Reservoir size- Bulb comes in 100 and 400 mL capacities. Spring-loaded reservoirs are 400 mL.
  • Collection Bag- 800 mL


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