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Mycophenolate and Acyclovir

In this article we will discuss Mycophenolate and Acyclovir

In this article, we will discuss Mycophenolate and Acyclovir. So, let’s get started.

Mycophenolate and Acyclovir

Coadministration of mycophenolate mofetil (1 g) and acyclovir (800 mg) to 12 healthy
volunteers resulted in no significant change in MPA AUC and Cmax. However, MPAG
and acyclovir plasma AUCs were increased 10.6% and 21.9%, respectively. Because
MPAG plasma concentrations are increased in the presence of renal impairment, as are
acyclovir concentrations, the potential exists for mycophenolate and acyclovir or its prodrug (eg, valacyclovir) to compete for tubular secretion, further increasing the
concentrations of both drugs.

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