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HIV Drugs (Part-II)

In this article we will discuss HIV Drugs (Part-II)

In this article, we will discuss HIV Drugs (Part-II). So, let’s get started.

Antiretroviral Agents HIV Drugs

Nelfinavir Children over 2 years: 45-55 mg/kg twice daily up to maximum dose of 2 g.

Adult dose: 1250 mg q 12 hr with food.

Indication: No longer recommended in children due to inferior potency compared to other regimes.

(Nelvir, retronel, nelfin, nel tab 250 mg).

Nevirapine (NVP) Neonates: 2 mg/kg single dose for prevention of mother to child transmission. First line drug for prevention of mother to child transmission as per NACO 2013, WHO 2013 recommendations.

Birth to 6 wks
• <2 kg: 2 mg/kg or 0.2 ml/kg of suspension
• 2-2.5 kg: 10 mg o.d. or 1 ml o.d. of suspension
• >2.5 kg: 15 mg o.d. or 1.5 ml o.d. of suspension.

The duration of nevirapine prophylaxis is minimum 6 weeks which can be extended up to 12 weeks, if mother has not received ART triple prophylaxis from 24 weeks of gestation.

Children: 200 mg/m²/dose oral q 12 hr (maximum dose 200 mg).
Induction dose: Once daily for first 14 days; maintenance dose: Increase to q 12 hr, if no risk/untoward effect. It is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor and is specific for HIV-1 transcriptase (not HIV-2) or human polymerase.

Adult dose: 200 mg o.d. for 2 weeks; increase the dose to 200 mg b.d., if no rash occurs.

Side Effects: Skin rash, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, liver dysfunction.

(Nevimune, neve, nevipan, neviretro tab 200 mg; susp 10 mg/ml).

Stavudine (d4T) ≥14 days and <30 kg: 1 mg/kg/dose q 12 hr p.o.

Adolescents and adult dose: 30 mg b.d.

Side Effects: Nausea, headache, peripheral neuropathy, pancreatitis.

(Zerit caps 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg; stavir, stag, virostav, stadine caps 30 mg, 40 mg; susp 1 mg/ml).

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