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Aminoglycosides (Dosage)

In this article we will discuss Aminoglycosides (Dosage)

In this article, we will discuss Aminoglycosides (Dosage). So, let’s get started.


(Adjust the dose in patients with renal failure).

Amikacin sulfate 15-20 mg/kg/day IV, higher dose may be considered in cystic fibrosis patients. Intravenous infusion to
be given over 1 hour.

Adult dose: 15 mg/kg/day q 12 hr (maximum 1.5 g/day). For drug-resistant TB, 15 mg/kg single daily dose IM 5-7 days
per week.

(Inj amicin, alfakim, amistar, biocin, ivimicin, amitax, mikacin, novacin vials 100 mg, 250 mg and 500 mg).

Gentamicin sulfate 5.0-7.5 mg/kg/day IM, cystic fibrosis 7-10 mg/kg/day IV q 8-12 hr. In ambulatory cases, 4 mg/kg IM single dose per day is effective.

Adult dose: 250 mg per day q 8-12 hr IM, IV.

C/I: Myasthenia gravis, previous toxic reaction to aminoglycoside.

(Inj genticyn, biogaracin, lyramycin, garamycin, genkind, gentasporin, ingen, lupigenta 1.5 ml, 2 ml ampoules 40 mg/ml, 10 mg/ml).

Kanamycin sulfate 15-30 mg/kg/day q 8-12 hr IM, IV given over 30-60 minutes. MDR tuberculosis 15 mg/kg/day. In some cases, dose up to 30 mg/kg/day has been recommended.

Adult dose: 0.5-1 g daily q 12 hr, maximum 1.5 g/day.

(Inj kancin 500 mg, 1 g per vial;inj efficin, kanamac, neokanyn 500 mg, 750 mg, 1 g per vial).

Netilmicin sulfate Children: 5.0-7.5 mg/kg/day q 8-12 hr IM or IV. Infants: 7.5-10 mg/kg/day, <1 week age: 3 mg/kg 9 12 hr.

Adult dose: Non-life-threatening infection: 4-6 mg/kg/d; life-threatening infection: 7.5 mg/kg/d.

(Inj netromycin 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg per ml amp; inj neticin 200 mg, 300 mg vials; inj netspan 50 mg, 300 mg vials).

Streptomycin sulfate 20-40 mg/kg/day q 12 hr or single dose IM.

Adult dose: 0.75-1 g daily IM, maximum dose 1 g/day.

C/I: Hypersensitivity reaction to the drug, ear disease.

(Inj ambistryn-S, cipstryn, streptomac, isos 0.75 g, 1.0 g vials).

Tobramycin 6.0-7.5 mg/kg/day IV, IM q 8-12 hr.

Adult dose: 3-5 mg/kg/day q 6-8 hr.

(Inj tobacin, tobraneg, tocin 20 mg, 40 mg, 80 mg in 2 ml vials).

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