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Brief Note on Epidural Anaesthesia

In this article we will discuss Brief Note on Epidural Anaesthesia

In this article, we will discuss Brief Note on Epidural Anaesthesia. So, let’s get started.

Brief Note on Epidural Anaesthesia

Medicine used to numb the patient from about the nipple line to the waist and down. While lying on side or sitting up, a catheter is put into the back through a needle. The needle is then taken out, but the catheter is left in place to give more medicine if needed. The lower body is numb and may be able to move the legs, but not feeling pain. Feeling returns to the legs when caregivers stop putting medicine in the catheter and after the medicine wears off. Epidural anaesthesia can give longer lasting pain relief than spinal anaesthesia.

Local Anaesthesia: Medicine given before a procedure or surgery to dull the pain. It is usually given as a shot in several places in and around the surgery area of the patient. The shot helps to numb the nerves in that area. This medicine can sometimes be given as an ointment or spray. Local anesthesia is best used for tests, procedures or surgeries where a lot of pain is not expected.

Peripheral Nerve Block: In this type of anaesthesia, medicine is put into the arm or leg through a shot. The arm or leg will be numb for 4-18 hours depending on the type of medicine used. You are awake but may be sleepy during surgery. This type of block is also called an axillary block if the anesthesia is given in the armpit. This anaesthesia can be used for many types of surgery on the arms or legs.

Saddle Block or Caudal Anaesthesia: The medicine used to numb the patient below the waist. Patient may lie on abdomen or belly while taking a shot of medicine in the lowest part of the spine. Saddle block or caudal anaesthesia is used for procedures or surgeries of the rear end or legs.

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