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Concept of Health Education

In this article we will discuss the Concept of Health Education

In this article, we will discuss the Concept of Health Education. So, let’s get started.


“It is a process that informs or motivates to adopt and maintain healthy practices and lifestyles, advocates environmental changes to facilitate this goal and conducts professional training and research to the same end.”
It is concerned with promoting healthy behaviour.


• To adopt health promoting lifestyles and practices.
• To promote proper use of health services.
• To arouse interest, knowledge and change in attitude to solve their own problems.
• To stimulate individual and community participation to solve the problems.

Contents of Health Education

• Human biology
• Nutrition
• Hygiene (personal and environmental)
• Family health
• Disease prevention and control
• Mental health
• Prevention of accidents
• Use of health services

Learning Principles Used in Health Education

• Credibility (trustworthiness)
• Interest
• Participation
• Motivation (reward/punishment)
• Comprehension (level of punishment, goal setting, education and literacy of people)
• Reinforcement/repetition
• Learning by doing
• Known to unknown (concentrate on abstract)
• Knowns are used as pegs for new learning skills
(easy to tough):
– Setting an example
– Good human relationship
– Feedback
– Leaders

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