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Opiates Toxicity/Poisoning

In this article we will discuss Opiates Toxicity/Poisoning

In this article, we will discuss Opiates Toxicity/Poisoning. So, let’s get started.

Opiates Toxicity/Poisoning

As opiates are used in medicine as narcotic analgesics, their use disorder can develop in any one. The misuse and dependence can result in following three groups of persons and lead to frequent hospitalization for overdose.

1. A small number of patients who consume prescribed opiates for pain relief, abused them frequently due to euphoria (sense of well-being) and become dependent on them. Once physical dependence develops then any drop in opiates blood levels can intensify pain and promote continue drug intake. These patients can be treated by avoiding the frequent use of drug, shifting to non narcotic analgesics, behaviour modification techniques (muscle relaxation and meditation).

2. The second group includes doctors and paramedical staff (chemist, pharmacist, nurses) who have easy access to opiates, use them initially for sleep or to relief pain/aches or stress and then escalate doses as tolerance develops. All physicians are advised not to prescribe opiates for themselves or family members or para-medical staff.

3. The third group are those persons/politicians who by illicit drug to get high position in society. Sometimes, opiates are used in “local parlance” and are offered to guests to keep euphoric high during marriage party or in election to woo the voters. This is common practice in Rajasthan (India). in the beginning, they take occasionally later they derive pleasure from their use, consume them frequently and even escalate the dose to get more pleasure and ultimately become dependent.

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