Acute Vomiting Physiotherapy

Diagnostic Investigations of Acute Vomiting

In this article we will discuss the Diagnostic Investigations of Acute Vomiting

In this article, we will discuss the Diagnostic Investigations of Acute Vomiting. So, let’s get started

Diagnostic Investigations

A battery of tests to cover all the causes of vomiting, is given below out of which one has to select investigations depending on the presumptive cause

  • CBC for iron deficiency anemia
  • Urine analysis
  • Renal profile, e.g. blood urea, creatinine for azotemia
  • Serum electrolytes, e.g. K+ for hypokalemia or metabolic alkalosis
  • Hepatic profile, e.g. serum bilirubin, hepatic enzymes
  • Serum amylase for pancreatic disease
  • USG of abdomen for liver and pancreatic disease
  • CSF analysis and CT scan of the head for any neurological cause
  • Pregnancy test should be done in all potentially pregnant women
  • Serum drug levels of certain drugs
  • Supine and erect X-ray to be done in a case suspected of intestinal obstruction or perforation
  • Upper GI endoscopy for peptic ulcer and/or gastric outlet obstruction/gastroparesis
  • EKG for myocardial infarction.

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