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Definition of March Fracture

In this article we will discuss the Definition of March Fracture

March Fracture

In this article, we will discuss the Definition of March Fracture. So, let’s get started.

It is defined as the fracture of distal 1/3rd of one of the metatarsals (commonly occurring in the second and third metatarsal) as a result of recurrent stress injury. It is more common in soldiers, hikers and individuals who perform long standing work. Symptoms include sharp pain in the foot as soon as the individual takes off his/her shoes and there is associated local edema on the dorsal aspect of the affected foot. March fracture is one of the common cause of foot pain, especially after sudden increase in activities.

Treatment includes reduction/restriction of movements for 6-12 weeks. Wooden-soled shoes or cast as supportive orthosis and conservative pain management (rest, pain killers, hot/cold compression packs).

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