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Differentiation between Thrombotic and Embolic Strokes

In this article we will discuss the Differentiation between Thrombotic and Embolic Stroke

In this article, we will discuss the Differentiation between Thrombotic and Embolic Strokes. So, let’s get started.

Feature: Prodromal symptoms

  • Thrombotic stroke: Often present
  • Embolic stroke: Absent

Feature: Onset of stroke

  • Thrombotic stroke: Slow onset, stuttering or intermittent progression or may be sudden
  • Embolic stroke: Acute catastrophic

Feature: Neurological deficit

  • Thrombotic stroke: Slowly evolves, step-ladder fashion called stroke-in-evolution, symptoms and signs may appear intermittently
  • Embolic stroke: Deficit is maximum at the onset

Feature: Consciousness

  • Thrombotic stroke: Confusion, disorientation may be present. Coma may supervene
  • Embolic stroke: Consciousness is usually preserved

Feature: Convulsion

  • Thrombotic stroke: Common, occur during the course or at the onset
  • Embolic stroke: Uncommon

Feature: Cause

  • Thrombotic stroke: Underlying atherosclerosis of a large vessel with or without thrombosis
  • Embolic stroke: Cardiac source or artery to artery embolisation

Feature: Recovery

  • Thrombotic stroke: Incomplete recovery may occur with residual symptoms and signs
  • Embolic stroke: Recovery is complete. Residual symptoms and signs are rare.

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