Differentiation between Thrombotic and Embolic Strokes

In this article, we will discuss the Differentiation between Thrombotic and Embolic Strokes. So, let’s get started.

Feature: Prodromal symptoms

  • Thrombotic stroke: Often present
  • Embolic stroke: Absent

Feature: Onset of stroke

  • Thrombotic stroke: Slow onset, stuttering or intermittent progression or may be sudden
  • Embolic stroke: Acute catastrophic

Feature: Neurological deficit

  • Thrombotic stroke: Slowly evolves, step-ladder fashion called stroke-in-evolution, symptoms and signs may appear intermittently
  • Embolic stroke: Deficit is maximum at the onset

Feature: Consciousness

  • Thrombotic stroke: Confusion, disorientation may be present. Coma may supervene
  • Embolic stroke: Consciousness is usually preserved

Feature: Convulsion

  • Thrombotic stroke: Common, occur during the course or at the onset
  • Embolic stroke: Uncommon

Feature: Cause

  • Thrombotic stroke: Underlying atherosclerosis of a large vessel with or without thrombosis
  • Embolic stroke: Cardiac source or artery to artery embolisation

Feature: Recovery

  • Thrombotic stroke: Incomplete recovery may occur with residual symptoms and signs
  • Embolic stroke: Recovery is complete. Residual symptoms and signs are rare.

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