Gynecology and obstetrics Perimenopause

Signs and Symptoms of Perimenopause

In this article we will discuss about the sign and symptoms of perimenopause.

In this article we will discuss about the Sign and Symptoms of Perimenopause. So, let’s get started.

Sign and Symptoms of Perimenopause

Hot flashes

Irregular menses

Breast tenderness

Mood Swings


Vaginal dryness

Reduced libido or sexual drive

Urinary incontinence or urgency or both

Trouble sleeping

Night sweats

Weight gain


Concerntration deficit, irritability, depression, anxiety, anger and fatigue


You may have few or majority symptoms (not necessary all) and if you are in the perimenopausal age (i.e mid to late 40s) then these symptoms may indicate perimenopause.

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