External oblique muscle Physiotherapy

Abdominal External Oblique muscle

In this article we will discuss about the External Oblique muscle.

In this article we will discuss about Abdominal External Oblique muscle. So, let’s get started.

Abdominal External Oblique muscle

It originates from the eight digitations from the external surface and inferior border of 5-12th ribs and gets inserted into the xiphoid process, outer lip of iliac crest, pubic crest, pubic tubercle, linea alba, inguinal ligament and anterior superior iliac spine. The aponeurosis of external oblique muscle forms the inguinal ligament. It is innervated by the thoraco-abdominal nerves (T7-T11) and subcostal nerve (T12) and blood supply in the upper segment is through the intercoastal arteries and in the lower segment is through the deep circumflex iliac artery or iliolumbar artery. It’s chief action is to pull the chest downward and compress the abdominal cavity increasing the intra-abdominal pressure. It also helps in ipsilateral side flexion of the torso and contralateral rotation of the torso. Clinically, oblique muscle strain is a common sports injury typically occurs in baseball players (pitchers). It can affect contralateral side external oblique or ipsilateral internal oblique muscle.

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