Dengue Fever Dengue Fever, Treatment of Dengue Fever

Treatment of Dengue Fever

In this Article we will discuss about treatment of dengue fever

In this Article we will discuss about the “treatment of dengue fever” so, lets get started.


As there is no specific treatment for dengue,the fundamental treatment of Dengue Fever is Supportive Therapy.

(1) Use paracetamol to reduce pain and fever.

(2) Strictly avoid aspirin,ibuprofen,naproxene and other NSAID’s as they may worsen the bleeding tendency.

(3) Fluid Replacement Therapy (Oral or IV supplementation) in order to avoid dehydration.

(4) Platelets Transfusion is required as platelets count falls drastically in dengue fever.

(5) Dietary Supplement includes juice of papaya leaves, consumption of porridge,protein rich foods and Herbal tea.

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