What Causes Diabetes?

In this Article we will discuss about various factors responsible to cause diabetes in humans. So, lets get started.

First lets talk about types of diabetes

Type I Diabetes

Type II Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


Genetic Predisposition

95% Type I diabetics have HLA DR3 or DR4 positive. In Type I diabetes their is autoimmune destruction of beta cells of pancreas and virus, environment and genetic framework plays a major role in developing that autoimmunity.

Family History

Majority of Type II diabetics have family history.

Being Overweight and Obese

Hormonal Cause

Gestational diabetes occurs because of hormonal disbalance during pregnancy. Hormones produced by placenta develops immune resistance.

Certain Medications

Anti-seizure drugs



Psychatric drugs


Genetic Mutations

Monogenic Diabetes is caused by genetic mutation in single gene.

Certain diseases

Certain diseases can result in hyperglycemia like

Cystic fibrosis



Cushing Syndrome



Sedentary Lifestyle

These are the factors responsible to cause Diabetes in humans.



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