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Vojta Method

Vojta Method

It is a technique to treat physical and mental disability with the application of ” reflex locomotion “. It was given by Prof. Vaclav Vojta

In reflex locomotion, there is a coordinated, rhythmic activation of the total skeletal musculature and a CNS response at various circuit levels


(1) 18 points in the body – crawling and reflex rolling

(2) placing the child in a particular position and simultaneous Stimulation of vital points can help improve CNS development

(3) Should be applied 4-5 times daily and withdraw if no improvement is noticeable after a year

(4) Following this protocol child learn normal movement pattern instead of abnormal ones

The Vojta Principle starts out from what is known as reflex locomotion.

Prof Vojta witnessed that these children responded to certain Stimulation in certain body positions with recurrent motor activities in the trunk and the extremities

The effects of this activation were positive, the children with cerebral palsy could first speak more clearly, and after a short time they could stand up and walk more assuredly

The Vojta method can be divided into 2

Reflex creeping (prone lying flat with the chest down and back up)

Reflex rolling (supine lying flat with the chest up and back down)


By Following above mentioned principle it was observed that children with spastic cerebral palsy not present with spontaneous motor activity could now be completed more comprehensively with repeated Stimulation” Prof Vojta concluded that movement development in the infantile spastic might be subject to functional blockades “

Prof Vojta developed a holistic approach for these kinds of clinical manifestation in new-born babies, children and adults popularly called as  ” Vojta Therapy “


Congenital muscular torticollis

Cerebral palsy

Hip dysplasia

Infantile Postural Asymmetry

Spina Bifida


The reflex locomotion elicited by Vojta therapy is associated with changes in cortical and subcortical brain activation. Tactile stimulations on pre-defined zone of body activates central nervous system. If stimulation is given correctly and repeatedly, motor pattern generated are learned by brain and could be executed voluntarily by an individual.


Bobath Technique

Bobath Technique

Bobath technique is a neuro developmental approach for treatment and assessment of individuals suffering primarily from cerebral palsy and also for other neurological deficits.

It is a holistic approach not a specified method for treatment of neurological conditions especially cerebral palsy

For detail video regarding bobath technique visit


(1) Bobath therapeutic techniques make normal posture and movement more easy and likely to occur

(2) Bobath technique focuses on interaction of impairment functions and life participation

(3) Movement is a sensory motor experience or integration

(4) By moving proximal parts of the body it is possible to influence change of posture and movement in distal part

(5) It is impossible to superimpose normal movement pattern on abnormal ones its important to inhibit abnormal movements primarily


Change atypical tone

Mobilise tight structures

Activate appropriate muscle groups

Strengthen weak muscles

Improve quality of posture and movement with hands-on

Take hands off to increase child’s own activity

Encourage child’s problem-solving skills to improve independence

Work within appropriate context to improve functional skills









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