Knee Mobilisation Techniques

In previous blogs we discussed about various causes of anterior and posterior knee pain,for more reference link is given below respectively In this blog we will discuss about various knee mobilisation techniques which are used for complete knee rehabilitation. These techniques not only relieves pain but also helps in regaining good range of … Continue reading Knee Mobilisation Techniques

Causes of Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior Knee Kain is a very common issue among all age groups and its prevalence increases with age. Athletes like Runners, Football players etc are likely to suffer from Anterior Knee Pain. Degenerative changes in knee joint and nearby structures also leads to Anterior Knee Pain in middle and older age group patients. Following are … Continue reading Causes of Anterior Knee Pain

Knee Osteoarthritis

It is Chronic progressive, degenerative, painful disease of knee joint present with chronic pain, loss of joint ROM, bony crepitus, joint deformities in later stage like "genu valgum". EPIDEMIOLOGY AND CAUSES Most common form of joint arthritis. 15% population is affected. Strongly age related OA knee occurs with 70% population in age group 60 and … Continue reading Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Examination

Knee joint is Complex joint Structure involving many ligaments, tendon, fat pad and other soft tissue structures along with patella bone in the front Injury at any level can lead to pain, disability and restricted range of motion. To diagnose the exact cause Following are the physical examination applied to confirm diagnosis of knee injuries.