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Dr Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training

In this article we will discuss Dr Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training

In this article, we will discuss Dr Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training. So, let’s get started.

Dr Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training

There are many variations of relaxation since the release of Dr Jacobson’s titled book, Progressive Relaxation. However the original progressive muscle relaxation procedure used a two-step process.

• Intentionally tighten and apply tension to various muscle groups throughout the entire body one at a time.
• Release and let go of the tension and focus on how the muscles relax.

“Relaxation is the direct negative of nervous excitement. It is the absence of nerve-muscle impulse.”
– Edmund Jacobson, MD

Muscle group and Instructions

(Muscle group) – Hand and forearms
(Instructions) – Clench hand and feel tension, Relax (left then do it for it)

(Muscle group) – Wrist
(Instructions) – Bend back, relax

(Muscle group) – Upper arms
(Instructions) – Bend and relax

(Muscle group) – Shoulders
(Instructions) – Bring them towards ears, relax

(Muscle group) – Forehead
(Instructions) – Wrinkle and relax

(Muscle group) – Eyes
(Instructions) – Tight closely, relax

(Muscle group) – Neck
(Instructions) – Turn to side, relax

(Muscle group) – Abdomen
(Instructions) – Tighten, relax

(Muscle group) – Back
(Instructions) – Arch, relax

(Muscle group) – Thighs
(Instructions) – Stretch, relax

(Muscle group) – Hamstrings
(Instructions) – Push down, relax

(Muscle group) – Feet
(Instructions) – Point/curl toes towards head, relax

Guidelines for Progressive Muscle Relaxation

• Allow 20-30 minutes a day
• Find a quiet location with no distractions
• Wear loose clothing and practice on an empty stomach
• Assume a comfortable position either sitting in a chair or lying down
• Close your eyes and assume a passive, unrushed attitude
• Tense and relax cach muscle group
• Use same time intervals for all muscle groups


• Clench time: 7-10 seconds
• Relaxation time – 15-20 seconds

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