Physiotherapy Poisoning

Types of Poisoning

In this article we will discuss various Types of Poisoning

In this article, we will discuss various Types of Poisoning. So, let’s get started.


Any substance which produces adverse reaction/effects in a living organism is called poison. Acute poisoning is the common cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world and is the most common cause of non traumatic coma in young person (<35 years of age). Hospital based data suggest that about 10% of all acute medical admissions are due to poisoning.

Types of poisoning

Self poisoning: It refers to the deliberate injection of an overdose substance/drug not meant for consumption it is also called suicidal or intentional poisoning. Aluminium phosphide, OP compound poisons and its examples.

Accidental poisoning: It occurs in children below 5 years of age, but can occur in adults, is either due to accidental exposure (inhalation of gases) or injection of fluid or substance from wrongly labelled bottle, and also includes stings, bites or eating poisoned foods/plants (e.g. mushroom poisoning)

Non-accidental poisoning: It is a deliberate administration of a poison to a child.

Homicidal poisoning: It means to kill someone by poisoning.

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