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Causes of Type II Respiratory Failure

In this article, we will discuss various Causes of type II Respiratory Failure.

In this article, we will discuss various Causes of Type II Respiratory Failure. So, let’s get started.


Respiratory causes

Severe acute asthma

Pulmonary embolism

Inhaled foreign body

Laryngeal edema

Multiple fractured ribs, flail chest

Chronic bronchitis (COPD)

Terminally ill patients

Progressive respiratory disease

Kyphoscoliosis (severe chest deformity)

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (Pickwickian syndrome)

Sleep-apnea syndrome

Respiratory muscles paralysis

Sputum retention syndrome

Extrarespiratory causes

Drug (narcotics) overdose

Brainstem infarction

GB syndrome

Metabolic alkalosis


Myasthenia gravis

Eaton-Lambert syndrome


Heart failure

Source: Emergency Medicine by SN Chugh and Ashima Chugh

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